Welcome to CrossFit Tahlequah

No Matter what your goals are, whether you want to compete in strength, endurance, or just be better at your daily activities, CrossFit Tahlequah at Five Alarm Athletics has no equal. With our CrossFit strength and conditioning program you will be ready for whatever challenges life throws at you!
Five Alarm Gym
Our program is built so anyone can participate, no matter what level of fitness you are at. We don’t use machines because we want strength that translates to everyday tasks. We lift and carry objects, run, ┬ájump, and climb. We also use power lifting, Olympic lifting, and strongman training in our gym. The classes are typically one hour. However, the average workout is about 10 Minutes!

Some athletes train like distance runners, some like gymnasts, other train like weightlifters. Why not be efficient at all of them? this is true fitness.  This is CrossFit.

426 S. Muskogee Ave – Tahlequah, OK 74464 – 918.931.1870